TIWW: DrinkUp Smart Water Bottle

Recently I decided that I probably don’t drink enough water. Helena, my partner, took it upon herself to encourage me to drink more water daily for a few months, but as that was probably as enjoyable as reminding a toddler to go potty, I think she decided that it wasn’t worth it long term. 

So naturally when I have a problem I turn to technology for a solution. I recalled that one of my friends had seen a “smart water bottle” a couple of years ago and the time we talked about how ridiculous it was.  I still think in the abstract is a pretty ridiculous idea, but in the moment with my problem I was trying to solve, it made sense. I’ve also wanted to start carrying a water bottle with me  regularly so that I don’t have to use as many single-use plastic cups whenever I want a cup of water.

I start googling “smart water bottle” to see what’s out there and how the reviews are. Interestingly enough, most of the reviews for about a half a dozen smart water bottles were pretty bad. So I ended up deciding to try the one that didn’t have a lot of bad reviews… Probably because it wasn’t offered on Amazon so it didn’t have any customer reviews!

On the surface it seemed like the simplest so hopefully the one less likely to break over time. The bottle itself is a really standard stainless steel bottle that you see in a lot of forms. If you don’t look closely you wouldn’t even realize there’s anything “smart” about it. It does a really great job of insulating and keeping your water cold or hot.

The brains of the operation are really in the cap. There’s a very basic display on the top that is only visible when it has information to display and besides that you barely know its smart. It’s very minimal, which I love.

I would say the biggest weakness of the bottle is the app.  It’s not terrible, but it doesn’t quite have the UX polish of a native iOS app. The app is perfectly functional though. I really love the graph of your hydration over the day. It will also send you a push notification when your hydration levels reach XX%?

One really great feature is that the bottle can basically work independently of the app because it stores and displays your hydration levels right on the bottle you don’t have to worry about synchronizing them except when you want to more historical data.

There isn’t a lot of information on the company. I believe it’s a Taiwanese company. Their website isn’t great.. It’s functional, but has a lot to be desired. 

It has a few features that most people probably won’t use, but would be cool… You can pair multiple bottles so if you want to have a bottle for work and home you don’t have to have the same bottle with you at all times. You can also add friends and track their hydration levels. 

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