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When the AirPods were first announced there was much fanfare by Apple fans, but also much ridicule and skepticism by the general public. Despite Apple not even being close to the first to market for wireless independent earbuds, I remember so many comments about the ridiculousness of having wireless earbuds and worrying about losing them. Before the AirPods were announced I had had 2 versions of the JayBird Bluejays so I was already very much sold on the idea on the concept of Bluetooth headphones. Particularly being an avid podcast listener, there’s almost always a pair of headphones in my ears.

The second comments were about worrying about whether they’d just fall out of your ear. I still get that comment and every time I do I put them in my ears and shake my head around violently to prove that despite their size, they fit in your ears quite snugly. You can even workout and run with them, but my experience is that’s a little precarious because with repeated impacts with whatever you’re running on one or both of the earbuds feel like they’re slowly wiggling themselves out of your years and I have definitely had them fall out when I’m running. So you *can* use them for working out, but they’re not really designed for that level of motion. Apple has their Beats line that are designed more for that… But I personally think those are overpriced though and a pair of Anker SoundBuds work great.

I’ll admit I loved my first generation Airpods… I loved them to death. Literally. After almost 2 years the battery life of the case and both the earbuds is terrible. Sometimes one earbud will cut off after only 10 minutes of music listening. And both earbuds are quieter, although unequally than they used to be because there is earwax clogged in them and no good way to really sufficiently cleanse them. Despite those long term issues, I love them so much that over the last couple of months, I’ve had to resist the urge to buy a new pair because I knew v2 was coming, but after so much talk of v2 and no actual announcement I had almost given up hope. But late in March I was finally rewarded for my patience when they finally released the much anticipated v2 AirPods.

Visually the new version looks almost identical to the old one except for the new wireless charging case has a charging light. The earbuds themselves are visually identical but have newer hardware, the Apple H1 chip.

The sound quality of the AirPods is greatly debated. Both the new and old version. AirPods sound “fine”, but they’re definitely not audiophile level quality, not even close. They’re very good everyday headphones for light music, phone calls, and podcasts, but they lack the bass that a pair of Bose will give you. They also aren’t very good at blocking out external noise, which is a good and a bad thing. It’s a good thing if you’re doing things around the house and your girlfriend asks you a question, you’ll probably be able to actually hear it. It’s not a good thing if you’re in a noisy environment like an airplane because you have to jack the volume to compensate for the noise. The cheap Anker SoundCore headphones I have are way better for that kind of environment because they actually plug your ears. That can potentially be a safety hazard though if you’re on foot in a busy city.

One advantage the AirPods have with Apple devices over other bluetooth headphones is the fast wireless switching/connections. With the AirPods v1 that was a definite perk, but maybe it was the age or my expectations, but sometimes they took a bit longer to connect or would randomly disconnect. With the v2 that is greatly improved. You can customize the tap functions of each earbud do either Siri, Play/Pause or Next/Prev track. I always change both of mine to Play/Pause so I don’t have to worry about remembering which one I customized.

Usage over the years….

So if you’re new to wireless headphones, you should 100% give them a try. The AirPods might not be the ideal introduction because they’re...

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